Mikalah, the artist behind PDX Pots and Crafts, has been cultivating her love for art as long as she can remember.

Exposed to the ceramic arts through courses at the community college in 2016, Mikalah has been building her skills in the craft of clay ever since.

Throughout her undergraduate degree, she found herself joyfully committing large portions of free time to her ceramic craft between lessons and schoolwork. Eventually she began dedicating most of her time in the summer terms to making with clay in the public pottery studio near her home.

During the final term of her Bachelors program, the nation-wide Covid-19 closures affected both the University she attended and the public studio she crafted in.

After graduating from PSU in June, the itch to craft with clay grew along with uncertainty around when – and if – public ceramics studios would be accessible.

Amidst the uncertainty Mikalah decided to commit full time to the craft. She collected equipment & supplies (used or repurposed when possible) before securing a space and setting up her private ceramics studio in the PDX area.

Mikalah is overjoyed to be able to dedicate herself to her crafts and share her artistry with others.